Monday, 19 March 2012

Gowl - 2 (2011)

Gowl is a 3-piece grindcore / mincecore band from South Windsor, Connecticut, USA. They're definitely very recognizable as playing in the vein of the recent 'mince revival' scene in the states; comparable to their peers Lt. Dan, Pizza Hi-Five, Misanthropic Noise or Powercup. However, Gowl is exceptionally noisier, dirtier and grimier than the bands mentioned above, replacing a lot of the goofiness, powerviolence-influence and spastic-like qualities with straight-ahead blasting, walls of static and pure devastation. This deems them to be quite comparable to the almighty Fear of God as well as Violent Gorge. Definitely an extremely crushing, heavy and noisy band to keep your eye out for. Here is what I believe is their second demo, which was self-released by the band on tape.


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