Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sete Star Sept - U.S.A. West Coast Mini-Tour 2012

Sete Star Sept is an absolutely fucking devastating grindcore two-peiece from Tokyo, Japan. Their lineup consists of the ex-drummer from The Endless Blockade (he used to live here in Toronto) and an intensely pissed the fuck off, denim-clad female guitarist / vocalist, whose name I do not know, but could probably strangle you to death, if you were to upset her in the slightest. Anyway, they're very comparable to most other notable Japanese grindcore or 'japgrind' - such as Senseless Apocalypse, Realized, Damage Digital, Swarrrm or even Discordance Axis from the states. However, Sete Star Sept has a slightly nosier, more unique / experimental and genuinely more livid sound to that of their Japanese grinding peers, and have become a favorite of the entire Japanese scene for me and many others, ever since they first graced North American soil on their Spring / Summer tour in 2011.

Need I say more or can I be sure you're already writing one of these dates in your silly little day-planner?

April 28 (Saturday): San Francisco, CA at Parkside w/ Tragedy (OR)
April 29 (Sunday): Portland, OR at Brickshit House w/ Transient
April 30 (Monday): Seattle, WA at Club M w/ Sidetracked
May 1 (Tuesday): Arcata, CA at Mex 'N' Wow
May 2 (Wednesday): Bakersfield, CA at Munoz Gym
May 3 (Thursday): Las Vegas, NV at Yayo Taco
May 4 (Friday): Los Angeles, CA at Rito's house w/ Suffering Luna
May 5 (Saturday): Concord, CA at Greenhouse w/ Godstomper

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