Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hydrocele - EP (2012)

Hydrocele is a one-man goregrind / gorenoise project from Moscow, Russia. Summed up, this first EP masters the exact sound that Last Days of Humanity played on their 'Putrefaction in Progress' record; essentially, the relentless 'tin-can snare' blast beast with inaudible riffs due to the drums being way to high in the mix, which some argue was the birth of the gorenoise genre. Anyway, this has got be some of the best later LDOH imitation grind out there and dare I say Hydrocele may have even perfected that which initially came from the Dutchmen in LDOH themselves. Here is the first ever release for Hydrocele, which to my knowledge, has only been available from the download that's been foating around online.


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