Monday, 5 March 2012

Massgrave - Massgrave (2011)

Massgrave is a crustgrind band from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not sure exactly when they formed - probably around 2000 or 2001 - and as far as I'm concerned, they've been the single most important band carrying on the crustgrind tradition that Napalm Death (more so F.E.T.O.) - Extreme Noise Terror - Disrupt - Dropdead and Excruciating Terror lead from the late 1980s-mid 1990s. And so as you can probably anticipate, Massgrave IS the next chronological crustgrind band that comes next; they're music, lyrics and conceptuals are basically all of the above bands - give or take a few additional crusting and grinding influences - mashed together in blender by a bunch of lovable, non-hygienic and pissed crusties who probably prefer to eat organic potatoes (fuck yeah). Although the sociopolitical lyrical content is really nothing new for the genre, I find they have a greater impact than any of the above bands and am not entirely sure why.

They've finally been getting some much deserved attention outside BC, which is likely due to their excessive and continued touring of Canada as well as the states - and which means their likely headed your way soon if you're in North America, so fucking GO SEE THEM! They played here in Toronto a long-ass time ago with F.A.T.O. and I'm eternally horrified I was not there, but I was probably a wee child who was just discovering Darkthrone at the time. Random fact you probably don't care about: I included the lyrics to "Unbalanced Privileged" from the record, on an assignment I did on oppression and privilege for my social work class.

Here's their most recent release, a self-titled CD / LP released by the almighty Haunted Hotel Records in NYC (support them and buy a copy if you like it, it's a fucking rad label).

Massgrave Blog


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